GDG- Changes in Gettyburg Battlefield thru the years

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I kinda liked the tower.  I understood what I was looking  at but other 
people didn't.
The tourists had a lot of trouble with it.  I don't know  how someone not 
well-versed in the battle would understand what they are looking  at outside 
of a few obvious landmarks.  I went up there at least a half  dozen times 
with friends and wound up giving lectures/tours to the tourists who  were up 
There might have been much better exhibits up at the  top.  What they had 
wasn't much help to the tourists.
But I am very very glad the tower is gone.  I wish I  hadn't been living 
out of the area when it went down because I wudda been there  with champagne 
and dancing on it's grave.  
Your  Most Obedient Servant,

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I, too, liked the view from the tower.  I  spent quite a bit of time 
the area from there, and I know it  helped my understanding of the battle.

On the other hand, the ambiance  reminded me of the concrete teepees along
the side of the road in Arizona  where they sell made-in-China blankets and
feather  headdresses...



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I lked the view from the National tower. I did not like the  waypoliticians 
allegedl manipulated the NPS and had their own guy  installed as 
Superintendant so that they could get the tower put  in.
Nor do I like the way that they decitfully manipulated the deal so that  
promised NPDS share of tower was limited to the part that lost  money.

But what I really find repugnant is the way they payed loud  music during 
funerals at the National Cemetary.

Politicians aways  have their way with the park, look at the Mississippi  


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> There was also  an observation tower on Big Round Top - the foundations 

> it are  still there, if I recall correctly.
> Not to mention the lovely  "National Tower"!  Everyone LOVED that one!
> -  Pete
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>> Here  is a short list of some of the changes made to the battlefield 
>> the years:
>> At one time there were 5  observation towers.  Beside the current ones 
>> Oak Ridge,  Culps Hill, and
>> West Confederate Ave, there was also  one on East Cemetery Hill, and on 
>> Cemetery Ridge, near  where
>> the Cyclorama building is still  today.
>> There was a trolley that ran thru  the fields and out to LRT.
>> Out at LRT there was a sort of  amusement park with a carosel, and 
>> pavilion and  refreashment stand.
>> There was a railroad that ran through the  park, too.
>> The fence around the Soldier's National  Cemetery, that came from 
>> Layfayette Park, in DC, across from  the
>> White House, was first put up in Gettysburg on  East Cemetery Hill.
>> On the field of PPT charge,  besides Camp Colt, was a Civilian 
>> Conservation Corps camp in the  1930's and
>> then was turned into a POW camp for German POW's during  WWII.
>> There was a Stuckey's Pecan Shoppe and Souvenir  Stand, and gas station 

>> the intersection of the Emittsburg  Rd
>> and the Millerstown Rd.
>> How about the  Peace Light Inn and tourist court out on the field in 

>> of  the Peace Light Memorial?
>> I've also seen pictures of a  Refreashment Stand and Souvenir shoppe on 
>> Oak  Ridge.
>> Anyone remember a place called Fantasyland in  the 1960's?  I'm not sure 
>> where it was located, but I do  remember going there
>> as a  child.
>> Nancy  Householder

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