GDG- Gettysburg 1860

Bob Velke bob at
Tue Nov 2 17:04:25 CDT 2010

I've been studying the 1860 census of Gettysburg and I thought that I 
would share these statistics:

421 dwellings
474 families
2390 people

487 unique surnames (most common: Little, Zeigler, Culp, Sheads)
337 unique given names (most common: Mary, John, William)

Avg Age: 24  (78 children less than 1 yr old)
Max Age: 98 (Elizabeth Boughman)

Males: 1207 (50.5%)
Females: 1183 (49.5%)

White: 2202 (92.1%)
Black: 157 (6.5%)
Mulatto: 31 (1.3%)

Pennsylvania: 1965 (82.2%)
Maryland: 188 (7.9%)
Germany/Bavaria: 121 (5.1%)

A curiosity: I found Rev. Schmucker, Jennie Wade, Tillie Pierce, David 
Wills, and other prominent/famous citizens ... but not John Burns or his 
wife, Barbara.  I don't find them in the 1850 or 1860 census of 
Gettysburg either.  Nor in the 1860 census of Cumberland Township.

I'm picturing the crusty old man standing at his door with his gun, 
scaring away the census taker.  Does anyone have another idea about 
how/why he wouldn't be showing up in the census?


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