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Just one point, Teej.  I spell it McGuire, not with a Q.  So do over 100,000 
McGuires around the world.  So far, I've only found 13 who use a Q.
Leo McGuire
p.s.  I know we don't proofread, but, dammit, I've been fighting for years 
to get people to spell it correctly.
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>> But the South didn't know they were giving such a gift.  They didn't 
>> ascribe such sentiments to those evil, dastardly Yankees.
>    LOL.  By the same token, apparently, Lincoln didn't realize the gift he 
> would be giving to the lower southern states with his call for troops. 
> Even before South Carolina went out, N.C.'s Governor Ellis was working 
> hard to convince the Tar Heel State to leave the Union. As stated by him 
> many times to disunion representatives from the lower South, what he 
> really needed was some sort of overt act of coercion from the Lincoln 
> administration. Right or wrong, the president's request for troops to put 
> down the rebellion was the catalyst Ellis needed.
>    On April 19, 1861, Ellis received a sort of "Thank You" from the State 
> of Florida:
>        " Resolved, By the People of the State of Florida in Convention 
> assembled, That considering the embarrassments that surround Gov. John W. 
> Ellis of North Carolina at this 'time that tries the souls of men' the 
> State of Florida is constrained to express her admiration for the decision 
> and intrepidity of Governor Ellis evinced by his indignant reply to the 
> requisition made by Black Republican President and his prompt occupation 
> of the Forts and Arsenals within a State that has not withdrawn formally 
> from the late Federal Union.
>    Passed unanimously in open Convention on Friday April 19th 1861."
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> Teej
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